There's No House Like God's House

We live in a culture that is obsessed with houses.....whether it is focused on the White House or House Hunters. Join us as pastor Bryan shares the heart of Destination church by challenging us to give our hearts to Gods house.



A Healthy House Is A Safe House

Who was your hero? As Fathers, one of our greatest responsibilities is to create a safe house. Join us as pastor Bryan and his father, pastor Larry share 4 musts we must do to have a heart to create safe homes.



The Road Back Home

How hard is the road back home? As we look at one lost son's story, we see 4 significant moments you can have on your own way back home. Join us as pastor Doug Reed shares why grace is so hard to accept yet changes everything including your identity and destination.



I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Did you know that God has always had a plan for his house? Even Jesus said that he came to fulfill that plan. Join us as pastor Bryan Briggs shares the 4 purposes of the church and asks 4 questions that could change everything.